06 October 2008

We Will Find a Way!

Isaiah loves going to the playground, as you've already seen no doubt.  For a while he wanted to watch the other kids play, or he contented himself playing in the sandbox.  Now however, he wants in on the action more and more. This has been an interesting stage for us in many ways.  I've tried to find ways to help Isaiah do as much as possible on his own.  

I've been working with Isaiah to try to do a few specific new things, and at last he decided he was ready.  Here's Isaiah doing something all by himself!  (it's only about 5 seconds, so maybe it won't take too long to load, WN--we love you!)

In case it's not as clear to you as it is to me, since I was there and taking the video, what Isaiah's doing is holding himself in place until he's ready, and then he pushes himself down the slide.  The arm you see is simply my friend, Oksana keeping him in place so I would have time to run around to the top of the slide in order to take the video.

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JAB said...

that is AWESOME...in so many ways. Thanks for adding the clip- it is short and sweet AND perfectly illustrates your determination in helping your son conquer! I LOVE IT!