03 October 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

Every day Isaiah and I enjoy spending some time in our park.  I was so excited to see the trees beginning to wear their new colors recently.  The weather can change in a moment in St. P, so I was thankful that we had good weather to do a little Fall Photo Shoot to capture the beauty that we get to enjoy and then share it with you all.

I'm not sure why, but Isaiah really enjoys getting out of the stroller and sitting on these benches throughout the park.

Of course I don't do these trees justice in pictures.  In person the sunshine makes the golden leaves glow.

Red leaves are rare in St. P for some reason, so this tree is my favorite.

And it makes the perfect backdrop for my Little Man.

And he likes to pose...

Happy Fall my friends!


Kelly said...

I love fall!! So glad you captured the changing colors of the trees...they are beautiful! I can't wait to see the leaves changing here, but none as of yet. Isaiah looks like he enjoyed the photo shoot!! (he is adorable as always!!)

js said...

I love the fall theme. I have to admit that though I like warmer weather fall sure is pretty. No leaves changing pretty colors here! :)