The following ministries are either ministries in which our family participates or supports.  There are some ministries listed that we would love to support but are not able to at this time.  That's where you come in!  Either join us, or branch out and minister beyond your borders for us!

InterAct Ministries

Our family works with InterAct Ministries, which is based in Boring, OR.  (Yes, really, Boring, OR; we've heard the jokes.)  Missionaries with InterAct work in Russia, Western Canada and Alasaka.

A current project for InterAct Ministries in Russia is the opening of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in a region of Siberia.  One of our missionaries is currently raising funds to take a trip there this summer where he will be discussing crucial plans with the city administration regarding the opening of the rehab center.  Here's a direct quote from my husband on the matter:

Can you help? InterAct Ministries is seeking to make a crucial step towards opening a rehabilitation center in a Siberian village that has been severely impacted by drug and alcohol abuse. We need to send one of our missionaries there this summer to meet with the village administration to begin planning this project. Once opened, this center will be a place of mercy ministries specifically geared towards sharing the gospel with people. If you're interested, please contact me directly and I'll fill you in on more of the details. Thanks.

Since perhaps you don't know my husband, you can email me, and I will pass you interest on to him, since after all we do live together.

Nadyezhda Rossii (Hope to Russia)

Of course, I must list our family's ministry, Nadyezhda Rossii (Hope to Russia).

For details of our work, you can visit our ministry website where Thomas and I try to keep things up to date.  We can also be found on Facebook, naturally.

Compassion International

They do much more than Earthquake Relief in Haiti, but it's a good place to start.  And yes, there is still A LOT  of work to do in Haiti.

For a small amount each month, you can help a child anywhere in the world!  Please consider sponsoring a child today.