09 October 2008

My Brave Little Man

Praise God, it's been a long time since Isaiah has had any blood drawn, until last week, that is.  We all had to have AIDS/HIV tests for our official student visas that we're supposed to get by next month, and that "we" included Isaiah this time.

For some reason I didn't even think to "prepare" Isaiah for getting blood drawn, probably because I kept forgetting we were going.  But he did great!  He started to look a little concerned, and his legs jerked slightly when the nurse put the needle in his arm, but that was it.  No tears or even whimpers!  And he proudly wore his band-aid the rest of the day.


Reed, Anna and Emily said...

I just love his precious smile in that last picture! :)
What a big boy!

The Schwant Family said...

wow!! precious little buddy, i glad he did so well...things would NOT have gone that smoothly around here!

JAB said...

wow! that is AWESOME! I can't imagine the same event on this side...glad your little man is smiling! Not to mention styling and profiling that band-aid!