10 October 2008

Summer Garden

Isaiah and I had the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with our friend Deanna.  She introduced us to the Summer Garden where Peter the Great had his little house built.  I forgot to take a picture of the house, but it really isn't anything special.  I plan on going back to this beautiful place, and then I'll do my best to remember to get a picture.
Anyway, this is now one of my favorite places in St. P!

The trees were beautiful and still so full that you really had the feeling of not being in a big city.

Here's Deanna snapping some shots of Isaiah

The custom here in the fall is for people to collect leaves and make a wreath to wear or to just carry them around.  Isaiah doesn't like this tradition.  He might look like he's smiling here, but he's not.  The expression was actually communicating, "What are these things?"

"Get these things off of me!"


But I still think that they're pretty.

Happy minus the leaves

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Will and Carrie said...

These photos are great! Very seasonal appropriate! I love the one of you and Isaiah! How precious! They grow up way too fast!