25 September 2008

Thanks for Praying

Here's an example of your prayers being answered!  

I've been praying for about a year now for a Russian mother to be my friend.  A couple weeks ago, Thomas and I visited a different church in order to get to know more pastors and believers.  We were able to meet lots of new people.  I even talked to some of them (yes, in Russian).  One lady in particular caught my attention because she was holding a baby in her arms!  At the church we normally attend, the only family (besides us) has grown children.  So I introduced myself and met Oksana, Igor (her husband) and Slava, their 7-month old little boy.  

Anyway, we seemed to get along really well.  She was patient with my Russian and even suggested that we get together.  So we did.  We got together and went to MEGA where there's an IKEA.  We shopped and played with the kids and took pictures of them being cute.  Then we went to her apartment for a little bit.  I spent about 7 hours conversing in Russian!  Needless to say, it really stretched my limited vocabulary, but Oksana was great and very helpful.  We're hoping to get together again very soon!

Here's Oksana with her little boy Slava.  Sorry it's so washed out, but I wanted to be sure that you saw her.

Both the boys enjoyed playing in these "buses" in the play area outside IKEA.  Women in every country like to shop, it seems. :)

Seven-month old sweetheart!

Isaiah driving and saying his second-favorite thing, "GO, GO, GO!"

Hey, that's another little boy, like me!

So, I love this series of pictures.  The boys were having a great time laughing at each other and rolling around on this mattress type thing.  Melted my heart and did me good to hear Isaiah enjoying himself so much, as he always seems to do!


Cathy said...

Oh, it's so nice to see your kids having fun, isn't it?!

Kelly said...

I am so thrilled for you. I know how important friendship is (especially to have a young mother like yourself), and I so thankful you have found someone to converse with and Isaiah can play with. What an answer to prayer!! God is so good all the time!!! ;)

Will and Carrie said...

How Wonderful!!! You must be super excited! Having someone your age to talk too and enjoy outings with is just great! Praise God for giving you just what you need when you need it!
I am impressed that you only spoke Russian with her! Although, I have heard that shopping and eating is universal!

The Schwant Family said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you and Isaiah. We look forward to hearing more about your weekly visits! Beth