29 September 2008

Since You Asked...

Here's another question we were frequently asked in the States:

What can we send you in packages?

I like this question.  Some people even wrote down a list!  But in case anyone else is wondering, I thought that I'd tell you some of the things that we enjoy receiving.  This really isn't a hint, well not too much of one anyway; because we can get a lot of great stuff here.  But there really isn't anything quite like the things you are familiar with from where you grew up.

So here they are in no particular order (and not limited by this list):

-Chocolate chips (Russians haven't realized yet how delicious fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies are!)
-Hot Tamales (the candy, the other kind wouldn't exactly ship well)
-Lithium batteries (this is to keep the pictures coming)
-Material for making Isaiah clothes
-Elastic (they seem to have 2 sizes here that I can find--itty bitty and really wide!)
-Whole bean coffee
-Decaf coffee
-Sensodyne toothpaste
-Pictures of YOU
-Peppermint flavored candy
-Jiffy Cornbread Mix
-Index cards (for vocab flash cards)
-Veggie Tales music CDs, or some good kids' music; Isaiah asks for his music every day!
-Doritos (I think they might make it ok) :)
-Construction paper
-Hershey kisses
-Instant Dr. Pepper mix :)  Ok, so this doesn't really exist.
-Any helpful toddler learning tools
-Isaiah LOVES books!
-Contact paper
-Any good book you've read

When I think of other things, I might update the list.  And just in case you want to reference this later, I'm going to keep a link on the sidebar.  I feel really weird doing this, like I'm asking for things, which I guess I am, but it really is because people said that they wanted to know.  So now you know.

Oh, and you should also know that packages take about 6 weeks to get here--sometimes less.  If you would like our address info, email me, and I can send you a pdf version that you can print out so you don't have to fool with the cyrillic alphabet.

Anything you'd like from Russia?


The Schwant Family said...

hey thats really fun to know! next time i go to the fabric store i'll buy some extra fabirc and we can sew matching clothes for the boys!!

CristyLynn said...

Oh, E! That would be so awesome! The next best thing to actually sewing with you. :) You're so thoughtful.

JAB said...

You're list is a GREAT idea! (So, don't even feel weird about it!)

Janelle said...

I laughed when I saw Oreos on the list. :) Reminds me some good times! I don't think I can even get oreos here. They haven't discovered chocolate chips here either.

CristyLynn said...

Janelle, the oreos would be even better if I could eat them with you! :)
If I'm back in the States while you're still in Africa, then I'll send you some Oreos!
Love you!

JAB, thanks for the reassurance. :)

Susan Tipton said...

When we moved back to the states from Austria the first thing I did was bake chocolate chip cookies!