24 December 2012

Before I Forget...

With Christmas just a couple days away, I suppose I should record our Thanksgiving.  We were blessed to join a great family in the area.

Thomas started the morning early with a Turkey 10K.

The kids and I prepared some dishes before heading over for the festivities at our friends' house.

Both the kids LOVED the piano, that's Isaiah's hand sneaking in on those higher kids
We enjoyed some great singing after the meal (yes, these pictures are not in order, but hey, they're here).  
Isaiah also got to jam a little with the musicians
Nadia was a big girl and sat by herself at the kids table for almost half the meal.  I was impressed!

She also enjoyed the rocking horse and getting to know our friends better
So on this Christmas Eve, I hope that we are all still thankful for the gifts that God has given us...

I pray that if you do not already know Jesus Christ as your Savior that your heart will be opened to the good news of the gospel.  If you don't understand what that means, please ask me!

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