12 August 2012

A Blur

Life is starting to settle into a new normal for us.  After the week in NC and the trip to OR, my mom was able to stay a couple weeks to help with Nadia while Thomas and I took Isaiah to some initial doctor appointments.

Those first few weeks already seem like a long time ago, a bit of a blur, actually, but here's some of what we did in the midst of getting settled in our new place (which I will eventually share with my friends, I promise.):
A couple days before my half-marathon, we hiked at Multnomah Falls.  This is a fairly easy hike; most of the path is paved.  Unfortunately the top of the water fall was closed due to a landslide sometime earlier.  We had some great views though along the way.

Back near the bottom of the falls - just the girls

A couple days after my half-marathon we hiked part of Mount St Helens.  We made it to the snow before treeline.  It was a great hike, but the mosquitos were terrible!  I would do it again as long as I had bug spray!
No, I didn't carry both children, just one.

Mama conquered the butte!  The peak of Mount St Helens is in the background.

Yes, snow on the trail

Thomas and I took Isaiah to Shriner's on a Monday, and then Nadia and Gran got to go with Isaiah and me a couple days later as we got him started in their spina bifida clinic.

Nadia enjoyed playing in the waiting area while brother and I were in the room.

 A few days before Gran's departure we all headed out to Mt. Hood.  The drive up was beautiful!

We picnicked at Trillium Lake before hiking around the lake.

Their first self-posed picture!  

Almost all the way around Trillium Lake with Mt. Hood in the back left

Nadia wasn't too sure about the water...

...until she could be with Papa.
 After our picnic and hike, we visited Timberline Lodge, which was built during the 40's.  It's a beautiful lodge on the mountain.
For my UNC friends
 There was still plenty of snow.

As soon as Nadia and JJ (as Nadia insists on calling my mom) were off the snow, Nadia would immediately turn around and say "Up it!".  Do we have a future climber on our hands?

We were in safe hands for driving back down the mountain.

Having my mom with us for a few weeks was a big help in getting settled into our new home.  Unpacking and arranging was a lot of work, but without her it would have taken me months!  She was also able to help with the kids so that I could start the process of getting Isaiah in the Oregon system for healthcare.  I think the worst of that process is over, praise the Lord!

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