28 September 2011

Update on Isaiah

Isaiah was in the surgical process for about 4 hours.  It took them a while to get everything "precisely right" once they took him to the OR, according to the nurse.  The neurosurgeon said that the removal of the scar tissue didn't take very long because the original surgery to close his myelomeningocele had been done so well.  The spinal cord fell back into place nicely once the scar tissue was removed.  I think the longest part of the actual surgery was closing.

So now Isaiah and I are hanging out in his hospital room.  Well, actually he's over there in his bed sacked out, snoring away.  Thankfully sleeping on his tummy is nothing new!

I'm about to lay down before the next interruption vitals check.

Here's what to pray about:

~Isaiah is in pain.  He said so himself, which is a big deal.  Please pray for the pain to subside quickly.

~Isaiah's throat is sore from the intubation, which makes it difficult for him to take his medications by mouth.  However, everything is ordered by mouth, and I had to get a little pushy with a nurse to at least get his seizure meds to be given by IV.  Please pray that his throat will feel better tomorrow.

~He is currently on a nose cannula for oxygen.  The theory is that his pain is causing him to kind of hold his breath, and whenever we have to try to give him meds or check his eyes, he gets agitated and his sats drop a little bit.  This is a very common thing after such a surgery as Isaiah has had, but the fewer tubes the better, in my opinion!  Please pray for easier breathing during the night and tomorrow morning.

~As he starts to feel better, please pray that he will stay on his tummy patiently.  The point of this position is allow fluid to build up between the spinal cord and the rest of his back in order to help prevent the cord from tethering again to scar tissue.  If he lays on his back or even sits upright, the cord could quickly attach itself to scar tissue again and this surgery would have been for nothing; and nobody wants that!

Thank you again for your prayers, and please keep them coming!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Praying for pain control, less tubes and some rest for you!
~Sandi Olson (CVP)