27 September 2011

Tomorrow's A Big Day (So Let's Party!)

Tomorrow Isaiah gets to prove what a tough little guy he is, again.  We head to MS's only children's hospital (you can still vote for them, by the way, by clicking on the picture in the sidebar).

Isaiah has a tethered spinal cord, which means that he will have a detethering surgery.  This surgery basically involves opening the area that was closed during his myelomeningocele closure done at birth, removing scar tissue that has developed during growth, trying to place the spine back in a "normal" position and closing the back up again, naturally.  The surgeon is estimating a surgery time of 4 hours, but every situation can be very different.

The goal is to help relieve some of the tension in Isaiah's legs that is throwing off his balance. His difficulties in balance make it harder for him to sit properly in his wheelchair and to walk in his braces, and basically hinder some abilities that are necessary for continued development.

After surgery Isaiah will have to be on his tummy for about 72 hours.  After that time we'll know more about what he'll be cleared to do post-op and when.

Not wanting a cloud of dread to hang over us today, I decided we needed a Pre-Op Party.  We had a couple of Isaiah's favorite things:  Pizza and Chocolate Cake.

I asked Isaiah what kind of cake he wanted.  His choice?  "Singing!" 

That's actually a "yummy!" face that he's making.

We'd appreciate your prayers for peace and strength for tomorrow and the following days of recovery.  Please also pray for Nadia as her schedule will be a little wonky, too.  Thankfully we have some wonderful helpers with us right now!  I'll do my best to keep you updated.  Thanks, friends!


Katie Almy said...

I LOVE that he wanted a singing cake and I really think that Nadia needs to be a door for Reformation Day. Isaiah wins!

Cathy said...

Praying for you all, Friend! Wish I could come help or something as well.

Kathy Ikonomidis said...

I LOVE YOU!!! I'm praying lots! I want cake! :)