14 September 2011


By God's grace I'm still working through Matthew's gospel with the help of J. C. Ryle.  His expository comments from Matthew 15:29-39 and the compassion that Christ had for the crowd of over 4000 people who brought sick, crippled and hungry people to Him encouraged me, so I thought that I'd share.

It ought to comfort the saints and servants of the Lord when they feel weary.  Let them call to mind that Jesus is "full of compassion".  He knows what a world it is in which they live; He knows the body of a man and all its frailties; He knows the devices of their enemy, the devil.  And the Lord pities His people:  let them not be cast down.  They may feel that weakness, failure, and imperfection are stamped on all they do; but let them not forget that word which says, "His compassions fail not." (Lament. 3:22)

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