06 September 2011

Brother's Idea

This afternoon Isaiah and I were talking about Reformation Day costumes.  He decided he liked my idea for his costume.  (No, I'm not giving it away, it's rather ambitious, and I don't want to disappoint.)  We then finished the conversation:

M:  So you like that idea, Isaiah.  You want to try to be __________?

I:  Yessss.  (He really says his "s" very clearly.  It's so cute.)

M:  So what do you think Nadia should be?

I:  A door.

M:  You think Nadia should be a door?

I:  Yes, a door.


atkins7330 said...

Will enjoy seeing if you make Nadia's costume into a "door"! What memories we have of making all your different costumes.

CristyLynn said...

Umm, yeah, door wasn't my first thought, so we'll have to see about that one. :)
I do remember all those great costumes, and I look forward to following in your footsteps, especially now with such a cool machine!

atkins7330 said...

I found your strawberry costume yesterday! Yes it is a cool machine and I am so happy you have it to make special memories with your children.