08 August 2011


Nadia is sometimes a little needy.  Well, to be honest about 90% of the time she thinks she MUST be with Mama.  She isn't content to be in the same room with Mama, oh no, she must be somehow touching Mama the majority of the time.

This creates a little bit of a difficulty when Mama is trying to pack our things for an international trip; so out came the Kelty!

And she was happy.  She even figured out how to tickle the back of my neck, which made her even happier.

And there's something else you need to know about sweet Nadia:  She isn't too crazy about men getting too close to her.  In fact she pretty much freaks out.  Our friend Denis was staying with us, and as long as he waved and talked to her from across the room, she was all right.  As soon as he moved next to her and started chatting, she started screaming and desperately trying to find me.

So to give a "heads up" to all the nice men that we are going to see back in the States...Nadia will play with you, just don't get too close.  I'm sure she'll come around.

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Kenj said...

Oh, I can relate to this! Our Abby was the same- she wouldn't even look at other people, particularly men. But don't despair! She's a delightful 12-year-old now who enters in and has confidence and just blesses us all the time. Nadia has such great parents who love people- she will too!