29 September 2011

You Can See It For A Quarter

One of the surgeons who worked on Isaiah came by doing rounds about 5:30am.  Was he up early, or what?!

He removed Isaiah's bandage, so I was able to see his scar for the first time.  It looks pretty good.  I bet if you give Isaiah a quarter, he might even let you take a peek.  ;)

Seriously though, he did fairly well last night even with the regular vitals checks and the flashlight in his eyes from time to time.  He did have pain, of course, but he was able to go longer than the 4 hour minimum this morning before getting more pain medicine.  The two things that helped him?  Listening to Daddy and watching a Duggar.

His throat is still quite irritated, and he's having trouble coughing, probably a combo of the pain in his back and his throat, so the doctor mentioned ordering a breathing treatment for him to ease this situation.  The doctor also said that in the next day or two we should have our boy back, though he will still have to be on his tummy.

I'll be happy when I hear his normal voice again and see him playing in his bed!

Here's some specific things for prayer:

~Isaiah needs to be able to get to as normal a diet as possible, so please pray that he will be able to at least start drinking this morning.  I'm going to see if I can get some popsicles or something fun like that to tempt him.

~Keep praying for pain control.

~Please pray that his throat will feel better so that he can cough normally and there won't be any build up of "gunk" (nice technical term, huh?) anywhere.

~I'm always amazed at the way that Isaiah stays so sweet in these situations.  He always thanks the nurses and doctors for whatever it is they're doing, no matter how unpleasant it might be for him.  Please pray that we'll follow Isaiah's lead and be a good testimony to the people we meet during this experience.

~I'm praying boldly that God will bring feeling to Isaiah that he's never had before.  This could take months after the surgery to manifest itself, but I know that God can do it.  Please pray with me that Isaiah will have an increase in sensation and function in his legs.

Thanks, friends.

Oh, and I haven't posted pictures yet because Isaiah isn't looking his best.  Try lying on your face in a donut pillow for 4 hours and see what happens!  His face is still a little puffy, but it's getting much better already.  When he's a little more himself, I'll let you see the amazing trooper God has given us!

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