25 January 2011

In Progress

Well after an eventful night, Isaiah was finally ready for surgery.  My dear husband stayed with him all night so that I could be at home with Nadia, who also had a slightly eventful night.  I love my husband.  And my son.  And my daughter.

Anyway, all that from my slightly sleep-deprived brain to say that Isaiah is currently in surgery.  Please pray that they can find his appendix, which seems to be the kicker in this situation.  If his appendix isn't playing a tricky game of hide and seek, then the surgery can definitely be done laparoscopically, which means only a short stay in the hospital.  If his appendix does decide to be shy and sneaky, then they will have to make an incision to perform the necessary work, and we'll be in the hospital for about a week post-op.

We are already praising God for the fact that he is having this surgery today.  This morning there was a slight chance that we were going to have to postpone, which really wasn't an option during this time in the States.  Thank you for your prayers thus far, and please keep on hanging in there with us!

P.S.  If you're wondering why the appendix is so important, click here to learn more about the A.C.E. Procedure.


Jodi @ SNAPPED said...

I am still praying!! Awaiting the news that is it all over and everything went well.
That article was pretty amazing. Wow, what God has enabled doctors to do is amazing.

Nancy said...

Wow, that is amazing that doctors can do something like this to make Isaiah's life that much easier. Have they ever mentioned what happens if his appendix were to become infected or rupture? Or would that not be possible after this procedure? I certainly hope for all of your sakes that Isaiah's appendix cooperates! Prayers for a quick and uneventful recovery for the little man!! :)