19 November 2010

The Thicket And The Pepper

One of our supporting churches in Yazoo City, MS has a Reformation Day celebration each year, and when we're in the country we like to attend.  You don't have to dress up, but if you chose to do so, you can be a Bible character or someone from church history.

So here's what we did:

 Remember the story of Abraham having to sacrifice Isaac?  At the "last minute" he's told to check out a nearby thicket where a ram was stuck.  Well, Isaiah was that thicket, only we couldn't find a ram (we weren't in NC, you see), so we borrowed a lamb from our friends.

We might have been stretching the theme a little with Nadia's costume, but you know what?  God made chili peppers, too.  Thanks for including that in the hand-me-down box, Aunt Emily!

 Our family had a great time at the party!

And even if Thomas and I cheer a little differently, we still get along really well!
(and I'm just about caught up on my posting, I think) make sure you play our game, if you want to that is

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Scott and Anna said...

I love those pics. Especially of you and Thomas. Go Mom and Dad!