20 November 2010

Baton Rouge, Take 2

Thomas was in Boring, OR for about a week for some meetings, so between therapy appointments, the kids and I hit the road to see Thomas' parents in Baton Rouge.  Amazingly enough, I forgot my camera, but thankfully my mil was gracious enough to give me command of her camera for part of the time we were there; just ignore the date because it's wrong, in case you were wondering.

When we arrived the grandparents couldn't have been happier!

Yes, Isaiah is in his pjs in this pic because we left as soon as Nadia woke up, which meant I had to wake Isaiah up.  Traveling by myself, I thought Nadia would do better if we left in the morning.  And I was right!

You always have to have special treats when visiting Mimi and JanJan.

Nadia got to try out lots of new things, her second time in Baton Rouge.  She LOVES her jumper!

Since we enjoyed the Jackson Zoo so much, we decided to try out the Baton Rouge Zoo.  It was lots of fun!  Especially since we had so many people to enjoy it with.

At the zoo's playground, Isaiah wasn't left out of the fun.  Uncle Rich used his legs to run Little Man around the playground, including Isaiah's favorite--the tunnel slide.  Thanks, Rich!

I just love this picture of Thomas' sister and her firstborn.

Nadia finally gave in and slept for about 25 minutes.

Isaiah still wasn't too thrilled with petting animals, but at least he didn't push them away this time.

Only missing 6 at this gathering.

Nadia interacted so much more this visit.  I just can't get over how fast she's growing up!

First time at Mimi and JanJan's church for Nadia.

And her first cereal!  It was a big weekend for our little girl.

All in all a very good visit.  And we look forward to all 4 of us going next week for Thanksgiving!

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Ashley DeLen said...

I love getting caught up on what your family is doing :O)

Yumm for the cereal!!