19 November 2010

Let's Play

In honor of our little girl's half birthday, I thought we could play a game.  I find it interesting the many different opinion on who our children look like.  Guess which baby picture belongs to which person in our family, get the most right, and win a little something fun!

Oh, and to be fair, I suppose I should tell you that while facial features have not been altered in the least, I have played with the photos to hide age.  Not all of us have digital photos from our past.

Leave a comment with your guesses, and next Friday I'll announce the winner!  Oh, so try not to look at other the comments others have made before making your own guesses. :)


Erin Hurley said...

OK, I couldn't resist playing your adorable game!! I guess that #3 and #8 are Thomas, #2 and #10 are Cristy, #1, #5, and #6 are Isaiah, and #4, #7, and #9 are Nadia. This is a little tricky because there are some very strong resemblences between your family members! Happy Half Birthday, Nadia!

RSchulte said...

Fun! Here's my guesses
1,5,6 Isaiah
3,8 Thomas
2, 10 Cristy
4, 7 Nadia
9 has stumped me. Either Cristy or Nadia????

Scott and Anna said...

I know that 1 and 5 are Isaiah because we kept your picture collage you sent for his first Christmas for a long time in our prayer book. Nemo was one of Isaiah's greatest prayer warriors a few years ago. :)