19 November 2010

Feel Good Friday--The Return?

So, it's been a while since I've had the pleasure of participating in Feel Good Friday.  I've missed recalling some happy things from each week (though there have been happy things!) and reading the happy posts of others, so now that life is not crazy somewhat normal again, I'm going to try to participate in this fun meme, at least this week.

So here it goes...

Today is my mil's birthday, so my son is helping me pick 5 things about Mimi that make us feel good:

1.  Mimi gives great hugs.

2.  She makes really good food (particularly her spinach artichoke casserole).

3.  She gives me ice cream whenever I want it. (the me being Isaiah, naturally; although, she would get me some, too any time I wanted it)

and JanJan gets some, too

4.  She reads the Bible to me.

5.  She would do anything for her family!

even though we're a little crazy (and this isn't all of us, there are a few more now)

Happy Birthday!


mom slawson said...

Thanks for the smile and laugh, Cristy! Love you.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That is really sweet. Grandmas are awesome! My mom can never say no to ice cream to my girls even at 10AM!

purplume said...

You make me realize we could all treat ourselves like our grandmothers would XD