11 November 2010

My Little Trooper

The morning after our first weekend in Baton Rouge, we realized that something was wrong with Isaiah's right leg.  I called one of his doctors realizing that we would probably be taking him to the emergency room very soon.  And I was right, except that the "we" was just Thomas.  I stayed home with Nadia.

I can't explain to you how hard it was to be the one left at home during this situation.  I wished that I could be two places at once, but I think that Thomas was right to say that it would be better for Nadia if I stayed home with her.  But my phone hardly left my hand!

Long story short Isaiah broke his right femur.  How did this happen?  Horribly I say, "I don't know for sure."  We suspect that he crawled over his right leg with his left, and since his bones are not strong as he doesn't bear weight regularly, it just broke.  I remember telling my mom, "Well, I just earned the worst parent of the year award."

Thankfully my mom was able to come and help me, since Thomas had to leave town right after we learned about Isaiah's leg.  She was a huge help!  Here she was holding him so that I could cut his hair.

After working through my guilty feelings and hearing the doctor say that this is not uncommon with kids who are "insensate", I felt a little bit better, as long as I don't think about it too long.  The doctor said that the break had probably taken place at least a week before we took him in, which is normal.  His leg had already started to heal.

Isaiah LOVES the iPad.  Since he had to do a lot of sitting, he got really good at using it.  He even took the time to teach Nadia a thing or two.

For about 6 weeks Isaiah basically had to sit or be carried.  No crawling or bearing weight of any kind.  Needless to say when that 6 week period was over, he and I were both very happy!  He has now been approved to bear weight, and you should see him go at therapy!  He has lost some upper body strength through this whole ordeal, but he still remembers the basic mechanics of using his walker.

And praise the Lord, this is usually how he was.  His normal happy self.

I'm so proud of my boy!

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Ashley DeLen said...

You are a good mommy!!! A really good mommy. And I hope that you have a wonderful day!!