15 November 2010

Meet Me In St. Louis

Well, we didn't meet anyone at the fair, but we did meet Thomas' aunt, uncle, cousins, and thankfully his grandmother!

Here are some highlights from our weekend a few weeks ago when we drove up to see his grandmother.

We hadn't see Thomas' grandmother since 2007.  She finally got to meet her great-granddaughter!

Sunday lunch with Mamaw

We also had the pleasure of staying a couple of nights with Thomas' cousin and her family.  We all enjoyed our stay very much, but no one enjoyed it more than Isaiah.

These 2 were a lot of fun!

We also got to stop in and see a family who had stayed with us in St. Petersburg just before our return to the States.  Isaiah was happy to see his friend again, though they both look a bit confused in this picture.

And what would a trip to St. Louis be without some time at The Arch?

It was a great weekend all the way around.


mom slawson said...

It is good to see the pictures !

Ashley DeLen said...

Oh what fun!! Isn't St Louis wonderful???