16 November 2010

Meet Me At The Fair

We didn't go to a fair in St. Loius, but the kids and I did make it to the MS State Fair; a first for all 3 of us.  Thomas was in Chicago at a conference, and my parents came to visit.  My dad got into town just in time for us to spend an afternoon at the fair!

Right away we went to the petting zoo.  Most kids like to touch the animals, but not my son.  The only reason he touched one was to push it further away from him!

We enjoyed some really yummy steak sandwiches, even if Isaiah's was "tube steak".

this is probably 1 of only 2 times that Nadia has fallen asleep in her stroller

We escaped the heat to Isaiah's favorite part of the fair...


We enjoyed watching some of the goat judging.  The best part was the loving on the grandparents!

Have I mentioned how much we love the nurses and doctors that help us take care of Isaiah?  Well, we do.  One of them was at the fair with her daughters who were showing goats for the first time.  She spotted us across all the pens and brought Isaiah over to see their goats!

Apparently while we were checking out the goats, Nadia was entertaining a small crowd of her own, but she stopped long enough to snap a picture with Gran.

And when we got home, Gran had a surprise for Grandpa.

Isaiah has offered to give Grandpa lessons on how to use his new gift.

Thanks for a great day at the fair, Gran and Grandpa!

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Gail Slawson said...

What a fun day ! Isaiah could give lessons for sure !