10 November 2010

Welcomed Home

After our torturous long drive to MS from NC, we were glad to be greeted by Thomas' parents who had prepared our townhouse and even stocked the kitchen with some goodies!

Mimi and JanJan were glad to get their hands on the little ones!

The kiddos enjoyed the bedtime tradition of singing "My Baby Bunting" and "Little Cabin in the Woods" with Mimi and JanJan.

We also got to have the special treat of supper brought by the some of our dear friends, Isaiah and Nadia's honorary aunt and uncle.

After a dizzying 3 days of doctor and therapy appointments we headed to Baton Rouge to see the rest of Thomas' family, or as many as possible.

Here with Aunt Sandra Nadia is showing off her Winston Churchill impersonation.

Of course at Mimi's there are always special treats, like ice cream cones!

We also really enjoyed celebrating our youngest niece's first birthday a little bit early since everyone (but 2) could be there.  Her mom did a fantastic job on the yummy cake, and Laila really enjoyed it!  We had fun watching her tear into all that sweet goodness. But this picture is her enjoying a yummy lunch first.

Still more catching up to do, but there's a little bit to whet your appetite, if you're interested. :)

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