28 November 2010

And Friday Came

But I forgot to announce who won our little guessing game.  Not many people guessed, but that doesn't make Erin Hurley any less of a winner! :)

So, Erin, I have an idea for your prize.  Shoot me an email or message on FB with your address!  I'd also love for you to write a guest post for me about I Will Come To You.  I think my friends and family would love to know more about how your family is growing.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was so good and busy that I hardly took any pictures, amazingly enough.  We enjoyed our time with family in Baton Rouge, and are settled back into our townhouse in MS now and ready to start the next week.

I have several posts in my head, but we'll see if anything makes it to the world wide web this week.

Have a grand day!

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