03 December 2010

Feel Good Friday

God has given me a wonderful husband, and today I want to list just five things (though there are LOTS more!) for which I'm thankful about him.

1.  Whether he's playing with our children or trying to stay awake while driving on a long trip, he's never afraid to be silly.

at a little friends birthday party he got creative with the remains of the pinata

2.  He is trying to be healthy so that he can be around with us for a long time!

We are always so glad to have him come home after his travels

3.  He knows what will bring joy to his family, which lately means he found a store that sells specialty hats and had the perfect hat made for his little boy, but it's for Christmas, so I'm not going to say any more about it.

4.  Cleaning is something that helps him deal with stress.  When we were first married, I didn't understand this, and whenever he helped me clean, I would get so offended.  OK, so not only when we were first married, this went on for a while.  Now, I appreciate how he rushes through the house to clean and get exercise and reduce his stress.  And I don't feel guilty; I'm just grateful.

5.  He's an amazing cook.  Tonight he's fixing us omelets, and I've been looking forward to it for days; they're so yummy!

I love you, Thomas! 

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Ashley DeLen said...

You are blessed :O)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

mom slawson said...

Thanks for the smile !

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

That is really sweet.

I agree that there is something about cleaning that just relaxes me too. Maybe it is because I am so in the moment I forget my worries and then when I am done I have something so nice to look at.