15 June 2010

What He Thinks

Several people have asked what Isaiah thinks about his little sister.  I can't describe with words the way that he looks at her, so I've tried to capture his expressions.

Isaiah's first time to see Nadia

If I'm in his way when he wants to look at her, I must prepare myself to be moved with his very strong hands.

Thomas was able to bring him to visit in the hospital several times

Ready to take her home

He loves to give her kisses and gently rub her head.

And a couple times he's grabbed her feet, when he can catch them, that is.

Waiting on our taxi

Nadia 2 weeks, Isaiah's so happy he's doing his funny face

I think it's love.

Nadia 3 weeks old


The Schwant Family said...

isn't it just amazing to see? watching your children love each other has to be one of the greatest gifts of parenthood.

on a totally unrelated note, I love Nadia's little ruffled hiney...I want one of those around here : )

simplebeauty said...

That love just melted my heart!! I love that he loves her so much!!! And I can not believe she is THREE WEEKS old. AH time flies :O)

Hope you are finding time to rest!!