08 June 2010

Still Here

I still intend to answer some of the questions that have been asked and to post more pictures, but just so you know why that hasn't happened yet, this is what my days look like lately (and all of you moms will understand and appreciate this, I think)...

Tuesday, June 8

~12:45 am feed Nadia from a bottle, then pump to be ready for her next feeding, return to bed around 2 am
~3:15 am repeat, except return to bed around 4:45 am
~5:45 am repeat, return to bed around 7:00 am
~9:00 am feed Nadia, eat a few pancakes lovingly prepared by my husband, pump, read with Isaiah, do laundry
~12:00 pm feed Nadia, pump for next feeding
~1:30 pm get lunch for Isaiah and me, clean up kitchen, cath Isaiah, lay him down to "nap", hang up clothes, finally get dressed
~3:00 pm feed Nadia, pump, Thomas gets home from getting Nadia's Russian birth certificate (huge accomplishment for him!)
~4:30 pm cath Isaiah, get him a snack and start supper prep--TACOS!--while Thomas does the grocery shopping for us
~6:00 pm everything is ready for supper except the meat, which Thomas finishes while I, you guessed it, feed Nadia and pump
~7:20 pm eat supper--Yummy!
~9:00 pm feed Nadia, pump
~10:30 pm  type this post, get ready for bed
~11:00 pm fall into bed and almost immediately go to sleep, praying that Nadia will sleep for 4 hours instead of 2 1/2

And then it begins again tomorrow; although hopefully tomorrow I can fit in a shower as well. :)  Oh, and in case you are wondering, I'm blissfully happy!


simplebeauty said...

BIG SMILES!! What a wonderful schedule! May Nadia sleep four hours for you!!

Erin Schwant said...

how much longer till she can directly breastfeed? hang in there dear friend, glad you can keep your focus on the blissfully happy part!

atkins7330 said...

"I'm coming, I'm coming!!!!"

Susan Tipton said...

I had to pump for two of my children. It is time consuming isn't it?! But so worth it.

Bless you, Bless you.