17 June 2010

Passport Pictures

In order for Nadia to join us on our next trip to the States, certain documents must be acquired.  Thomas worked for several days obtaining and translating documents.  He used the medical birth certificate to get her Russian birth certificate.  Then he translated both of those documents and filled out the proper forms to apply for her "birth abroad" American birth certificate and passport.

Once we have her passport, we can begin to apply for her exit visa, making it possible for her to travel with us this fall when we visit all you wonderful people in the States.

To apply for a passport, one must have a passport photo.  All the requirements for adult passport photos also apply to babies, including looking at the camera with eyes open and mouth closed.

Here are some of our attempts at getting that passport picture:

(this one is my favorite)

(oh, and hands can't be in the picture, either)

(and then Daddy just got some sweet shots)

Unfortunately, the picture that we took with us for her passport application didn't work, so we had to try again.  But these are just too cute, I think!  Thankfully some from the second attempt seem to be satisfactory, and we should be getting Nadia's passport in the next 7-10 days.


simplebeauty said...

Those are the most darling pictures!! I like it when she tries to raise her eyebrow like she's says, "mom...dad...seriously??"

She is darling, just darling!!! I know you can not wait to let your family hold her back here in the states.

Hope you all are enjoying some sunshine! We are going to swim at the pool tonight :) Fun!!!

HAve a great day!

Erin Schwant said...

PRECIOUS pictures! She looks like she understands just how crazy this process is!!

schupack said...


Megan said...

At least she doesn't have to worry about the "hair behind the ears" rule ;)

Anonymous said...

That was the best laugh I've had all day! I'm trying to imagine all of you trying to get these pictures of Nadia. And then for them to get rejected. Love you all! She is precious. Can't wait to love on her! Beth