25 June 2010


I have been amazed and thankful for how well Nadia is eating and growing.  Isaiah grew very slowly (still does, actually) and just getting him to stay awake for feedings was a daily challenge.  Nadia however wakes up on her own when she's hungry (though I think her days and nights are slightly mixed up in this area!), and she's eating really well.  Already she looks bigger to me.  What do you think?

Yes, you've seen this before, but I really like it. 
Nadia- One Day 

The day after she spent her first night in my room at the hospital
Nadia-One Week

Hanging out with big brother, newborn clothes hanging on her, eyes almost always closed
Nadia-Two Weeks

Already starting to show some increased head control, and once rolled from her left side all the way over to her right side (not just following her head); will stay awake for an hour at a time.
And notice her slightly "Weeble Wobble" form as she sports her cloth diapers.
Nadia--Three Weeks

Monday was 4 weeks of wonderful since Nadia's birth (even with a few nights of miserable thrown in to keep things interesting).  The pediatrician came to see her on Saturday and declared her  to be doing extremely well!  The pediatrician was surprised and glad at how much weight she had gained--200 grams more than would have been expected.  Do we have an overachiever on our hands?  If it comes to growth right now, then that's ok with me!


Kelly said...

She is definitely getting bigger. Enjoy every second! Even those miserable days/nights will be distant memories all to soon!! And by the way, I must say again that she is absolutely beautiful!! ;0)

Ashley DeLen said...

She is just darling!!!! No wonder your momma couldn't stay away!! Ohhhh..... congrat's again momma!

VictoriaBrooke said...

Oh! That is such wonderful news! Did I read CLOTH DIAPERS? and the pediatrician came to visit?