14 May 2010

Feel Good Friday--5 Things and Happy Feet

1.  I love how Isaiah now makes the smacking noise when he gives kisses.

2.  I got to have some time to myself out of the house this week, and it was really nice.  The best part about having alone time though is that I feel refreshed and ready to be with my boys again!  Thank you to my sweet husband who made that time possible despite his busy schedule!

3.  My husband can "attend" a conference in Boring, OR for our missions organization from the comfort of our very own kitchen via Skype.  This way he doesn't have to leave his son and (almost) 35-week pregnant wife alone in St. Petersburg to fly to OR.

4.  Though it hasn't happened yet, I'm feeling pretty good about being able to attend a birthday party tomorrow for one of Isaiah's friends.  He always enjoys these times so much, that I think I anticipate it even more than he does!

5.  And the grand finale....

It's finally warm enough (at least for now) to pull out the sandals!  (my apologies to any readers who don't like feet, but I at least I had the forethought to paint my toenails a few days ago, so maybe that makes it a little bit better)  Oh, and I did have to bend over in order to see my feet over my belly. :)

Have 5 things that made you feel good this week?  Join the fun hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up by picking a prompt, writing your post and linking on her blog.


Jodi @ SNAPPED said...

I am happy to have you for a friend!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Yippee for sandals!!!

My husband had to paint my toes when I got too big and that was a real treat to watch. He was very meticulate and didn't even complain!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice feet you have and your ankles are so nice and trim too.

Susan Tipton said...

I'm glad you explained that you had to bend to see your feet because my first thought when I saw the photo was- No Way she should still be able to see toes!

I love #1.

simplebeauty said...

Hello!! I think sandals and painted toe nails are truly something to be happy about!! We are cold and chilly and rainy here right now. I'm okay with it because the storms have given us a break! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Cherith said...

And #6--You're feet are not one bit swollen! Good for you!! :)