15 May 2010

35 Weeks!

Woohoo!  A whole week further along than I was with Isaiah!  I must confess that every morning and several times during the day, I due a mental check of how my body is feeling in order to have a jump start should I go into labor; so far so good.  But here are some random thoughts from the week...

~My newest exercise program:  Changing the sheets on our beds.  It gives me quite a workout these days.

~Every night at midnight sharp, Nadia decides to disco.  I'm not exaggerating.

~I'm so thrilled to have her bed ready, well almost ready; it's ready enough for her to sleep in.  We still have to figure out the best way to hang the netting up from a concrete ceiling.  But that's Thomas' job.

~I actually have a bag partially packed to take with me to the hospital.  Lord willing, I won't be calling Thomas from the doctor's office this time telling him I'm on my way to the hospital and asking him to find my toothbrush.  I feel somewhat prepared already.  I even have a couple outfits picked out for her "coming home" outfit.

~Thomas asks me several times a day if I'm in labor.

~We have 2 sets of sheets for our bed.  One set is dark blue and huge.  The flat sheet hangs way over the edges of the bed.  The other set is white, and the flat sheet just fits; well, it did until my belly got big enough to prevent the sheet covering me all the way unless I sleep in the middle of the bed, which of course doesn't work too well for Thomas.

~And in case you missed this little collage from our other blog, I just had to post it here, too:

So now we wait for what God has in store for our 36th week!


The Schwant Family said...

you are a BEAUTIFUL pregnant person!! I can't wait for Nadia's arrival- but I'm glad she is waiting a little longer!

lots of love!

simplebeauty said...

That collage just melted my heart! you look beautiful and Isaiah hugging and kissing your belly is darling!!!