16 December 2009

With a Touch of Lime

So twelve weeks. Vavoo and I have made it to twelve weeks together. And I threw up this morning, which is actually a good thing and brought congratulations from my patient husband. Every time I get sick I remember that means that Vavoo is still growing and that I can thank God for another day of life for our baby. Maybe that sounds fairly dramatic, but that's what I do. Vavoo is two weeks older than our second child, and we are thanking God.

Thank you for praying for us, all of us.

Oh, and according to certain sources, Vavoo is about the size of a lime today. Just a fun little fact to throw out there.


simplebeauty said...

The size of a lime is a very nice size to be. Only I can't remember being that size but I'm glad I was once :O)

We are praying for you!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Kenj said...

I'm giggling at the lime reference, because I remember reading the fruit comparisons to baby size and thinking, "Who came up with this???"

So thankful your little one is growing!

Dana said...

Limes are good. Babies better. So good to know all is well. We keep praying!Happy joy-filled morning sickness to you!