15 December 2009

It Feels Different Somehow

So, it's probably being back in America, but Christmas feels different this year. Or maybe it's because we still feel like we're running around like headless chickens and keep forgetting that Christmas is coming.

However, we're doing our best, and here's the proof...

Isaiah really likes our tree this year. Every time he goes by (nearly) he says "Tree" so cutely and wants to touch it. He's been really good about not pulling things off the tree, for which I am thankful.
I'm not sure how this happens, but every time we decorate our tree, we never look that great, so please excuse our appearance, except for Isaiah who always looks cute no matter what, and appreciate our Christmas spirit.

I've always wanted a cute little tree at least one year, and this year we did it. Our tree is just over 5 feet and looks great in our little home. It's a special treat to have a live tree this year!

Perhaps another reason for Christmas feeling different this year is the fact that we're trying to make our focus different. My husband has a satire blog that some of you already know about. After Thanksgiving he did this post that helps sober us as to what is really important, and not just at this time of year but all year long. Check it out and think about it. Who knows what God might lead you to do differently this year?

Merry Christmas! Glory to God!

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simplebeauty said...

I think that your tree looks nice :O) We've given up on hard core decorating the tree in our family room. So this year we are decorating it with my little girls many...many little toys. I wonder how long that will last ;o)

Merry Christmas!