16 December 2009

50-50 Chance

Just for fun I put a poll over on the right sidebar for those of you who like to guess the gender or unborn babies. Some of my friends have done this, and it's fun to read the reasons that people give for their guesses, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Here are some clues for the answer that I don't have:

~Morning sickness--yes! I was also really sick with Isaiah for almost 6 months.

~Cravings--not really, but I have wanted pickles and haven't wanted sweets.

~My gut feeling? I think I'm having a boy, but that's probably because I already have a boy, and he's so much fun!

Have any other questions that could help you make a better guess? I think that we'll know for sure about mid-January, and we will be telling! Happy guessing!

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