19 December 2009

An Early Christmas Present

Before Thanksgiving Thomas and I got to enjoy a Christmas present from my parents: A trip to Colonial Williamsburg. If you have never been there, I highly recommend it! I had spent many summer days enjoying the colonial city with my great aunt and great uncle who lived nearby, so the place is full of good memories for me. Thomas had never been, and I was thrilled to introduce him to some of my favorite things!

While we were enjoying Williamsburg, Isaiah got to enjoy that same time with Grandma and Grandpa! And boy, did they ever live it up! I'll have to get some pictures from my mom to share because they're just too cute.

But back to Williamsburg:

Thomas and I in front of the reconstruction of the Governor's Mansion, which had been destroyed by fire. Thankfully Thomas Jefferson had made extensive floor plans of the house when he was first governor, which made it possible for the reconstruction to be done.
Thomas took this pretty shot of Bruton Parish and the lovely golden leaves. Everyone attended church here back in the day, even if they weren't Christians. The church is still an active Episcopalian church.
This was actually in Yorktown, VA, a new spot for both of us. We toured the Battleground at Yorktown one morning. In this house the designated representatives of the American and British armies met to sign the cease fire for the Battle of Yorktown.
A side road led us to one of the redoubts built by the British to defend Yorktown. It has been left untouched, and I think pretty much ignored by tourists as well, except for people like us. We enjoyed seeing a beautiful doe not far from the redoubt.
And what would a trip to Williamsburg be without someone being put in the pillory? I have tons of pictures of me at different stages of life spending time in the pillory or the stocks, so Thomas had to have his turn as well.

This was probably one of the best gifts that we have ever received. You know I love my son, but to have 4 days with my husband and no responsibilities except to rest and enjoy ourselves while knowing that our son was in very capable and loving hands was something that I will treasure for years to come!

Thank you, Mama and Daddy!

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