13 April 2009

Tot School-I Week II

Tot School
Isaiah is 38 months old

We worked on I again this week, but I must confess that this is a tough letter for me and suggestions are welcome so that we can keep them for the next time around!

But here's what we came up with for this week...

I is for 

Intense concentration
This is the look that Isaiah has when he's really focused on something, like moving objects from one place to another, which is absolutely one of his favorite things to do.  I just love that little puckered up mouth!

We're working on making signs with each letter of his name to put up in his room.  Another confession--we're behind on this project as it only occurred to me after we were half-way through his name.  We're still a letter behind, but we'll catch up eventually!  The idea was for him to decorate them in different ways, but naturally organizing the crayons or paints was much more important, so that's what happened most of the time! :)  He did like gluing though!

Which is what seemed to be his reaction to having paint all over his hands, but that didn't stop him from continuing to implant his cute little fingers into the little containers of paint.

This was actually a Christmas present, but it works well for this week!  We played in his igloo, but thankfully we didn't have to dress like eskimos!

The weather is definitely getting warmer here, but the parks around us are absolutely, terribly swampy, so we headed to a great indoor play area with our friends Oksana and Slava!  The boys had a great time getting around the big play area, laughing, laughing and laughing!

Ice cream
You had to know this was coming again!  Another great treat of $0.29 ice cream!  Truly irresistable!

Friday was Grandaddy's birthday, and as we were waiting to call him and enjoy the pleasure of interacting with him via Skype, Isaiah got very impatient!  He really wanted to talk to Grandaddy!

"Where is he?!"

So that was our week.  Go check out 1+1+1=1, to check out lots of other Tot Schools from last week!


Bernadete said...

Looks like another great week! I love your posts!

K, @ Heart said...

Very cute! I still love what you are doing with the name, activities and words.