12 April 2009

Christ is Risen!

There won't be any Easter pics on this blog for another week.  Sorry.  It's not because I have them but don't have time to post them.  It's because we're officially celebrating Easter with the rest of the people in the country in which we live.  For us Easter will be next Sunday, so check back for (hopefully) sunny pics next week.

And also, I'm still working on the wedding post.  I have over 300 pictures to sort through to give you the best idea that I can of what the day was like--yes all day!  We were privileged to be with the bridal group from 11:00 am until oh, 9:30 or 10:00 pm, I forget when we actually got home, but I think it was after 11 pm.

And tomorrow I'll get around to writing and posting what our week in Tot School was like.  We had a slower week since I had 2 language lessons, but still lots of fun.

So all you people in the West, I hope you had a great Easter remembering what Christ has done!

Christ is Risen!
He is risen indeed!


MoziEsmé said...

Interesting how the calendar differs! Hope you have/had a blessed Easter...

CristyLynn said...

Russia follows the Eastern calendar for many of it's holidays. For example, Christmas is actually in January here, though not that many people celebrate it; they're all worn out from New Year's celebrations!

mom slawson said...

We're all still wondering what you did at a wedding for so long and had so much fun doing it!! (and didn't even seem tired.)