10 April 2009

Happy Birthday, Grandaddy!

Dear Grandaddy,

Happy Birthday!  I hope that I get to talk to you again today, because I had so much fun talking to you a few days ago!  I like Skype.   Whenever I see Mama or Daddy working on the computer, I think that we get to talk to you, and I get really excited.  If they say that we can't talk right then, I feel sad, so they turn on music for me, but it's not the same.

Thanks for all the fun things that we get to do together when Daddy and Mama and I fly to the States.  We always have so much fun and eat some good food.  Maybe we can go get some good food like french fries and hamburgers or hot dogs when I come see you again!  I would really like that!

Thanks for playing with me and my cousins outside!  I LOVE outside, and it's even better with you!

Thank you for my headphones.  I love to listen to music, and Mama says that these are great for her, too, but she doesn't use them, so I don't really understand.  Maybe you can record the songs that you sing to me so I can listen to them every day!  I love it when you sing to me.

Thanks for making sure I got to eat yummy chocolate cake at my birthday party!  Grandma sure makes good cake!

Thanks for making it fun when we ALL get together!

Thanks for telling me funny stories about when Daddy was little, I really like hearing them.

Thanks for loving me and my cousins like we are the most important people in the whole world!  And just wait til you have 2 more on your lap this summer; I can't wait to meet my new cousins!

And thanks for showing me the best way to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon. :)  Maybe we can do that again, but only after that good food you told me about!

I love you, Grandaddy!  I can't wait to see you when I can give you big hugs and kisses!


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mom slawson said...

Thanks so much, Cristy. You made Dad's day ! Talking to both of you and Isaiah was wonderful for him too.