01 March 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Isaiah is 36 months

Our Tot School was a little disrupted this week with a trip out to Siberia, but we still managed to have some fun before and after our conference.  This post is actually from the few days before the conference and then after the conference, so it's really 2 weeks combined, but it's all good.

Isaiah had his all-Russian day with Aunt Luda.  They had some good outside time in the snow.

We tried water colors for the first time.  Isaiah was much more interested in the water than the paint.

Well, the water or the paintbrush, that is. 

Since he liked the water so much, we tried pouring water from one container to another.

But of course, he found the easiest way to "put the water from the bowl to the box".  Just put the bowl in the box, of course!  I'm working on finding some better sized objects for doing this again. He really enjoyed it, but the sizes of the containers were difficult for him.

Then for about 30 minutes he moved these buttons from one bowl to another.  We did this again several times, and he really liked it.  It seems great for his fine motor skills.

Then Tot School was interrupted by a little trip out to Siberia for our Russian Field Conference.  Isaiah got to play with 3 other boys for 5 days, which is like a little bit of school, too, but unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the 4 of them together.  But here we are in the cold!

Our last day Isaiah and I explored a little and found this amazing ice playground!  We enjoyed going down the really fast slides.  Great fun!

When we got back we pulled out the water colors again.  I decided to work on the letters of Isaiah's name, so I drew a big "I" and a little "i" for him to work on.  I got the idea from Shannon at Teaching Tiny Tots (sorry I can't find the exact post to link to).  I think the paints aren't really bright enough, but he humored me for a little while, trying to paint the big "I".  Eventually he ditched the paintbrush and used his fingers, which actually seemed to work a little better.

Then we tried to glue yellow crepe paper onto a little "i".  He really seemed to get into the glue.

He also really liked piling the yellow paper onto the glue.  Yeah, can't you see our little "i". :)  He had fun and used his hands really well, though, so that's good.

So those were our 2 weeks put together.  Be sure to check out what the other Mama's and Tots are up to by visiting 1+1+1=1!


MotherBear said...

How neat! Our girls are just a little younger than Isaiah, but we still haven't worked up the nerve to break out the glue. Glad to see someone else got it to work without everything becoming totally hectic.

TheRockerMom said...

So cool! I love the ice playground. The glue looks like messy fun.

CristyLynn said...

MotherBear--not hectic, but definitely a little messy. :) Isaiah's fine motor skills are actually a little behind, so your younger girls might do just fine.

RockerMom--thanks! messy so often goes with fun, don't ya think? I enjoyed your color themes last week with Rocker Tot!

TheRockerMom said...

CristyLynn -- Thanks! I hope to get back to them after we move (in the process as I type).