02 March 2009

It's a Party

A little while ago, I discovered At The Well, a site for women who want to learn how to fulfill their biblical calling to follow Christ.  I have been challenged and encouraged by the posts that women have written on this site.

Well, someone has decided that it's time to throw a party!  I saw the link on At the Well, but it's actually being hosted on this site:  She Looketh Well.  The general idea is to help connect Christian women through the world of blogdom in hopes of bringing encouragement and building friendships.

Now I'm not a huge party person, but I must say that I've enjoyed and benefitted greatly from connections that I have made online with other women seeking to serve the Lord.  Being so far from home and regular times of accountability and encouragement with women in my own heart language who have similar goals, I have grasped on to chances of learning and fellowship in the blog setting.  I, who used to scoff at bloggers and wonder what all the fuss was about, have become excited about checking different blogs around the world!

So, here's my first step to join the party:  I'm inviting you, my blogging friends to come, too!  To see all the details, check out She Looketh Well; and then join the fun!

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