02 December 2008

To All My Crafty Friends

All right, all you wonderful, creative people out there--this is a cry for help!

This evening our friend Anna who directs Camp Babochka (butterfly) called and asked me to help with a craft for the January family camp.  She said that they would like to do a craft both the parents and the kids could do.  She said the supplies would involve picture frames and glass candle holders.

I have some ideas for both, but I would LOVE any input from you, my talented friends.  This is also a way for you to be even more involved in our ministry, sort of a hands-on from afar.  Keep in mind that the fine motor skills will vary greatly in this group of kids, though the parents will be able to do anything, of course.  Also, I don't know exactly what supplies I'll be able to find, so the fewer craft supplies needed, the better.  I'm going "hunting" tomorrow!

I'm so excited to be able to participate in this part of the camp.  This is the first time that I'll be "doing" something.  I know that I'm involved in many ways already, but this is the first really tangible way.  Please pray that I will prepare well, and please send ideas!


Rich and Emily Rachal said...

How exciting! I always love a good art project. You will do great:) Depending on the picture frame or glass candle holders you could do something with the kids' thumb prints and paint. Using the thumb print you can make a Christmas tree stacking the prints up to a point. Or you could do a snowman. This is one way the project can be "hands" on for the kids. I'm excited to see the other ideas and what you come up with!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, Em! I hadn't thought about the snowman on the candle holders, that would be cute! I did find some paint today that seems to work on glass, but they can never wash it!
Still looking for tissue paper....

The Schwant Family said...

humm...i'm thinking!