17 October 2008

While Thomas Was Away...

...how we did play!

Isaiah sat up on his bottom all by himself while playing with these drums!  This is something we've been working on for a while--getting from tummy to bottom--so naturally I grabbed the camera as quickly as I could!

Oksana and Slava came to play on Tuesday.

Slava played the piano for the first time.

He also ate a peanut puff by himself--his first time to feed himself something!  My apartment is good for him.

Wednesday Isaiah and I had an outing to IKEA where I found some great markers.  We went home and had a little art lesson.

Isaiah decided that paper wasn't his only medium, faces work well too.  (don't worry, it does wash off, eventually)

Since he needed a bath anyway after all that fantastic drawing, I decided he should have a hair cut, too.  And I really like this picture; he looks so grown up to me!

Then Thursday I had my lesson, so Isaiah got to play with Julia.  Friday we cleaned and cleaned and got to spend the evening with our friend Deanna.  Saturday we went to a Bible study, yes a Russian study!  And Sunday morning our guests arrived, and then Thomas arrived that evening.  We were really, really glad to see him!


Will and Carrie said...

You guys are busy! Isaiah looks very mature with his new hair cut. Good job by the way! Keep your posts coming. They are a huge encouragement and blessing to read!

atkins7330 said...

Oh Isaiah you look so grown-up. Grandma is so thrilled that you sat up on your bottom by yourself. You are just amazing. I love you!