16 October 2008

Come Sail Away

Hardly anyone I know has fond memories of the "coil" toys in the parks of their childhood.  I don't even really remember them actually.  Isaiah however really likes them.  And now I like them, too because it's something that he can do all by himself!  There's a small play area not far from our apartment that has a little ship that Isaiah enjoys playing on.

Watching a little boy go down the nearby slide

Looking longingly at a passing car.  I think he misses riding in cars from this summer.


Momma said...

We have those at our parks. Josie rides those things like a crazy woman! I'm always amazed she doesn't knock her noggin on it!

Kelly said...

What a cutie! I know my kids still enjoy them. I am always afraid they are going to be catapulted off them because they can't do anything half-speed. ;)