18 October 2008

Winter Nights

Tonight felt like a winter night, only from Mississippi, not St. Petersburg.  Just thought I'd let you know.

And on this Mississippish wintry night, Thomas, Isaiah and I saw something we've never seen before in Russia--a tent sale.  Yes, that's right, there was an actual tent and everything!  The sale was at Санта Хаус, which incidentally is the Russian equivalent of Bed Bath and Beyond.  The store just lacks some of the appliances and such.  But being the wannabe bargain hunters that we are, we bought a little something that gives us hope of spring--a picnic backpack complete with cooler compartment and plates and utensils and cups and cloth napkins and everything!  Yea!  With the weather getting grayer and grayer, we felt excited to think about sun and picnics and being outdoors.  What can I say, we're dreamers!


Will and Carrie said...

Or think about all the fun indoor picnics you can have this winter! How fun is eating on the floor in your own home!

JAB said...

I love that you dream! What a great one!