15 August 2008

That Time Again

Hello my dear readers.  This morning we are putting the last few things in the suitcases before heading to the New Orleans airport to begin our long trek back to Russia.  We appreciate your prayers for our travels today.  Despite migraines and a broken toe I was able to get just about everything packed yesterday in a timely manner without running around like a headless chicken; in fact, I even had a little bit more "girl time" with my sister-in-law over lunch!  Maybe I'm getting better at not getting stressed over little things, well, at least at the moment. :)
But in all seriousness, thank you for your prayers for this time in the States.  We have so enjoyed the fellowship and spiritual refreshment.  We didn't get to see everyone that we hoped to see or wanted to see, and for that I am very sorry, but I will treasure the memories that were made!

And just for fun, here's one of my favorite pictures from our travels, but the explanation will come later...

(but no, we weren't torturing him, I promise!)

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atkins7330 said...

Broken Toe????? What broken toe???? How, when, and where?