13 August 2008

Back to Baton Rouge

After Yazoo City we headed back to Baton Rouge by way of Hattiesburg, MS.    We were thankful to get to spend some time with Thomas' sister and her family before finishing that leg of our trip in Baton Rouge.

This time in Baton Rouge, I think we were well over the jet lag and able to interact with people better!  We had a great time just hanging out and enjoying everyone's company.  Thomas was able to preach the Sunday morning before we left and share our work that evening.

Playing with Jake's toys with Aunt Beth!

Emily and her 3 month old Luke who seemed to grow bigger just in the week we were gone!

Isaiah got to have special times with Grandma every morning.  She's helping him learn how to color.

And what would a visit with cousins be like without bathtime together?

Jake and Isaiah played really well together again.

Isaiah likes just kicking back and relaxing with KayKay.

Uncle Richard is pretty cool, too.

And of course, there's nothing like snuggling with Grandaddy, especially under a newspaper.

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