09 August 2008

Fun in Mississippi

Ok, so I'm really behind in updating on our travels, but I'm still working on it, and hopefully it will still be enjoyable, even though slightly outdated.

We had a lot to do in MS.  We were in a doctor's office every day, which was pretty exhausting.  We started off with the urologist where we got good news.  

Next was the neurologist who told us that we could taper Isaiah off one of his anti-convulsant medications (whoohoo!).  (Tuesday also has a special post of it's own because it would have made this one just too long with all the great pictures that I want to use!)

Thursday was a big day with the neurosurgeon and a CT-scan, which showed everything was looking great in Little Man's head.  Thursday afternoon we had the big visit at Blake Clinic to see the urologist again and the orthopedic surgeon and occupational therapist.  Isaiah's kidneys looked "perfect", much to our relief.  The therapist told us about this piece of equipment that someone had recently donated to Blake Clinic that she thought would work well for Isaiah.  And just to tell you how great our God is:  This piece of equipment would not normally be covered by the insurance that Isaiah has, but someone had donated it to the clinic, which meant that we didn't have to pay the $2000 price in order to take it home!  The orthopedic surgeon verified that Isaiah could benefit from this equipment, so we took it apart a little bit and put it in the trunk!  Needless to say we were thrilled and praising God!

Friday we just had the "mundane" pediatrician check-up before visiting with a few different families for the evening.  So here's a little bit of our week in pictures:

Poor Isaiah actually started out the week a little tired, but thankfully he had some good places to rest up.

Monday night we had dinner with our very good friends the Gilberts.  Isaiah loves and is loved by the four little princesses of the family.

Thomas even got in on some special time with the girls as they had a "dance party" before we ate supper.

Wednesday night we had the special treat of having dinner with Hendersons.  Their kids Bo and Mary Claire we lots of fun for Isaiah.  And in an upcoming of "firsts" post, you'll get to see some of the fun stuff that Isaiah got to do at Aunt Lala's.

Friday the doctor visits were finally done, and we got to relax with some friends.  I got to have lunch with my friend Victoria, but she refused to let me post her lovely picture!  It really was good, Vic, I hope that you change your mind.  But we also got to hang out a the Gilbert's again for a little bit.  MG had some special time with Isaiah, enjoying creation in the comfort of air conditioning.

Isaiah got to have some good outside time before dinner with the Peasters and Cokers, which was such a good time of fellowship.

Isaiah had a great time with Annie who quickly taught him to say her name!

Saturday Thomas had a great boy day.  This is the group of paintball warriors that gathered at the Notts to spend the day shooting at each other before eating a great meal.

And here's how Isaiah traveled to Hattiesburg after our week in Yazoo City.  Yep, he was pretty worn out.  Thankfully he's a great traveler, even when he's not sleeping!

We had a great time being back in Yazoo City with our friends.  Being able to fellowship in church with the families with whom we had worshipped for almost 2 years brought joy to our hearts.  Thank you to all of you who hosted us for meals and showed us your love!  We love you!