24 August 2008

San Francisco

Our Saturday in CA we headed off to San Francisco with Goose (the oldest Davis son).  We were thankful to have a local with us and felt pretty honored to be trusted with Goose for the day!  He definitely helped make the day extra special for us.

We entered the city by way of the double decker bridge that is divided in the middle by Treasure Island, an amazing engineering accomplishment for one of the World's Fairs, I believe.  I think that this is also the bridge that was damaged during the last big earthquake (89?) during the World's Series.  Everything was running smoothly though the day that we crossed!

Another family photo!  San Francisco in the background while we stood on Treasure Island.

Isaiah was fascinated with Goose.

This is a Russian restaurant!  We were excited to share of little bit of our new home with someone in the States.  Goose even seemed to like most of the food, though I don't think that the borscht was his favorite.  We were able to practice our Russian a little bit again with the waiter.

Goose showed us how to get to Golden Gate Park that has a great children's area.  Isaiah and Thomas went down this huge slide.  Here they are enjoying watching the other kids come down.

Isaiah had his first carousel ride.

We enjoyed our day in SF, but we definitely have to go back sometime because there was so much that we didn't get to see!


Lazy D Ranch said...

We had such a great time getting to know you. Letting Goose go with you to SF was like letting him travel with an old friend. Even though we had just met in person I felt like I had known y'all for a long time.
It was really an honor for us that you asked him to tag along. He had such a great time and still brags about how he and Isaiah are now buddies where as I could barely get a smile out of him!
We are thankful that you made it back to St.Petersburg safely. We continue to pray for y'all. ~Heather

js said...

I love the family pic. :)