23 August 2008

Four Years Later...

Lots of years ago I lived with this really fun girl from Pennsylvania named Cathy while we were in college together.  There was this guy who was around a lot, too, named David.  He liked Cathy, and after a while they got married, she liked him too, so it worked out well.  Thankfully we've been able to stay in fairly good contact despite being hundreds and now thousands of miles apart.  Thomas was even able to meet them at our wedding, though he might not remember that first meeting as well.  When David and Cathy made the move from SC to CA, they took the most direct route, which of course meant seeing us in Yazoo City, MS. :)  I think that was December of 2004, which was the last time that I got to hug Cathy.

While we were in CA we were about 2 hours away from David and Cathy Morris and their 2 children Silas and Raina, whom I had seen only in pictures.  At first we weren't sure if we would be able to see them, but thankfully everything worked out very well!  Cathy was kind enough to find a middle location, which meant less driving time and more visiting time.  We enjoyed brunch at IHOP before heading off to a park that Cathy had seen online.  We finished off our time at Starbucks, where none of us actually got coffee.  That fact is especially strange because Thomas was there.

Isaiah meeting Raina

Raina was smart and ejoyed the shade at the park.  It might be dry heat in CA, but don't let that fool you, it's hot!

We had several tries at a photo of Cathy and me with our kids, and we did actually get some good ones, but I really like these that show more personality, in my opinion. 

The boys are Starbucks.

And the girls at Starbucks.

We had a great time, it was just too short, of course!  Lord willing we'll be able to do something again next year.  I like the time schedule of once a year tons better than every 4 years!

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js said...

I'm jealous! :) jk I'm glad it worked out for you all to get together. I like the sum up of how you know D&C. :)